"Body by Bright" becomes - CROSSFIT NORTHLAKE

Jason and I have always dreamed of owning a gym since we first started dating.

j-aAs two former athletes, fitness has always been a priority and many of our first dates were centered around fitness type activities. When we were first married we jokingly would say we were working towards owning a fitness facility we would call, “Body by Bright.” We went about our daily jobs as a teacher and salesmen and placed those dreams on the back burner. People would tell us it was something we would be good at and that we should pursue our goals, but at that point in time we were scared to take the leap.

When our first son was born I joined a local Charlotte playgroup and met Jessica Pinkerton. We clicked right away and more importantly our husbands clicked and an instant family friendship was formed.

Three years ago they decided that they were going to open their own CrossFit box and I encouraged Jason to go see what it was all about. He showed up in their garage and Steve put him through a workout and he never looked back. I joined two months later after the school year was over and immediately was hooked as well. We loved the atmosphere and the results. We also had a lot of fun working out together, pushing each other and seeing who would come out on top. Jason and I looked at each other many times during the first year of CrossFitting together and said, “I think we could do this together, this would be an amazing business to own.”

In 2011 we moved to Mobile Alabama for the year for a job opportunity for Jason. During that year he was further inspired through his job to want to run his own business and do something that he loved which was coaching and helping people become healthy and fit. It seemed as though everywhere we turned that year we were hearing the same message of doing something you love with your life and living a life with no regrets. Steve called us that year with the idea of opening a Northlake location.

After a lot of talking, praying, and decision-making we jumped in with both feet. We cannot imagine a better way to spend our day than helping people get healthier and stronger and we love the environment it creates for our own children to observe as they grow up. We are so grateful to Steve and Jess for the opportunity to fulfill a goal and dream we have had since we first started dating. Furthermore we are thrilled to be bringing a family oriented gym to the North Charlotte community.

Our gym is a place where goals will be attained, lifelong friendships will be formed, and a better quality of life will be shared by all members.Please come check us out and give it a try!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 

-Eleanor Roosevelt