We Are CrossFit Northlake – Check Us Out!

Our coaches know CrossFit!

Since opening our doors in 2012, we’ve been committed to hiring only the most experienced and talented coaches available. They have multiple CrossFit certifications in a wide range of disciplines and regularly attend clinics, sharing what they learn with our Northlake athletes. When you work with a CFN coach, you know you’re getting the most knowledgeable, current and accurate training available to ensure your safety and improve your overall fitness and performance.

We are a coaching facility, not a “gym”.

The only time our members come in is during scheduled sessions when our coaches are leading the workout. We have created an environment conducive to empowering our members to push themselves to gain results that they never thought would be possible. This is not a facility where we have machines for you to use, we find them to be less efficient than functional exercises. 

Our coaches will teach you all the skills, habits, and nutritional knowledge that you will need to achieve revolutionary results and sustain a lifetime of fitness.

As you get started at CFN, we will check in with you regularly to see how it’s going and make any training adjustments. Miss some classes? Expect to get a phone call or e-mail from us to see what’s up and get you back in the box. Have a question, concern or issue? Talk to your coach before or after class about it. Bottom line is: you’ll have to do the work, but you won’t have to do it alone.

Lots of equipment, and plenty of space!

CFN athletes train in a very cool, fully refurbished, commercial warehouse environment that has more than 11,000 sq ft world-class padded training area. We have lots of quality equipment to make sure you always get a well rounded workout. We have Rouge and Muscle Driver rigs, climbing ropes, muscle-up rings, GHD machines, barbells, rubber bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, Concept 2 rowers, speed ropes, massive tires, slamballs, wallballs, and other equipment to torture — we mean “train” you with! We also have two large strips of superior artificial turf totaling more than 60 yards in length. We use the turf area to do sprints, plate pushes, and sled drags. Bottom line – we’ve got it all, and then some!

In addition to our equipment, we also have locker rooms with showers that are always clean and tidy. And for those with kids, we have you covered as well! We have a great child care room and childcare staff, so you can workout and not worry about your children!

We Program With A Purpose.

While CrossFit workouts are known for their variety, keeping your mind and body engaged and challenged, the workouts should never be random. Our staff of 11 coaches are educated and well trained in CrossFit methodology and programming. Our team of coaches hold numerous training certifications, and regularly attend continuing education courses and seminars throughout the year. That’s one reason our fitness programs are different- they’re tailored to focus on what our members need to develop and move forward to achieve their goals.

We Build Community!

Let’s face it, joining a gym can be intimidating. At CFN we know each other’s names. We cheer each other on. We hold each other accountable. One of the defining features of CrossFit Northlake is how friendly and connected members are with each other, as well as how connected the coaches are to members. We offer an inclusive, supportive, non-judgmental environment that promotes better long-term results.

We’re such a tight group, you will frequently find our members spending time with each other outside of the gym. We are a support group and community that is like no other. There are also group events such as Family Day, Paleo Challenges, Christmas Parties, and countless Fundraisers, that give our members a chance to come together as a community and spend time with like minded individuals.

Our Promise To You.

We promise to provide a professional environment and a knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. We promise to always challenge you and to maintain an environment that keeps you inspired and motivated.

Still not convinced? Just come by for a visit –

We invite you to come in and we’re happy to discuss your fitness goals with you. We promise not to hit you with a long sales pitch! We’ll give you details on memberships and outline all the options available to you – if it is not something you are interested in, it will end at that. No daily calls and no convincing. We are not in the business of selling CrossFit, the program and results will sell themselves. What you need to bring is commitment and a willingness to work hard and make some sacrifices. When you do your part the results will leave you feeling better than you have ever felt in your life! We promise you that – heck, we’ll even guarantee it!

We are located at 8721 Sidney Circle in Charlotte (view map), or you can contact us by phone (704) 300-8360, email us at jason@crossfitnorthlake.com – or better yet, click here and drop us a note – we’ll be sure to follow-up.