Northlake Bootcamp Athlete of the Month

Northlake Bootcamp Athlete of the Month



1: Where are you from originally?

Boston, MA is where I was born and where my family is originally from. But we relocated to San Diego when I was 2, so California has always been home for me until we relocated to Huntersville in 2008.

2: What is your favorite bootcamp movement?

I don’t know that I have a clear favorite just yet, but Air Squats are growing on me and I can tell I’m getting better at them.


3: What is your least favorite bootcamp movement?

Let’s put it this way – when my son is misbehaving, his punishment is Burpees!


4: What were you doing before Northlake Bootcamp? How did you hear about Bootcamp and / Northlake Bootcamp?

I have not had a consistent workout routine in a long time! Most recently though, it’s been mostly treadmill work, and occasionally I would do DVD workouts.


My brother actually started doing Crossfit about 4 years ago, so I learned of it from him. He’s actually CrossFit Level 1 Certified (Go bro!). And my son Anthony has been doing CrossFit Kids for about a year, and he has loved it from day one.


5: What other sports or activities do you participate in as a family besides bootcamp?

Well, I am very excited to say that CrossFit has become a family activity for us! Not just yet for our 2 y/o, but for the rest of us it’s definitely becoming a family thing. Other than CrossFit though, it’s mostly individual things in our family. My husband plays golf, and our son plays seasonal sports – like baseball, soccer, etc.


6: How many times per week do you Bootcamp?

I’m going four times a week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:00 AM and Saturday at 9:30.


7: What is your athletic background?

I’ve never been a serious athlete, but I did play softball growing up. After my son was born I got involved in a women’s group called Step Up for Life. It was a group-training program geared toward running. The goal was to work up to a half marathon. I had good success with that group and ran 3 half marathons in 2005, which earned me a “Triple Crown” medal through some affiliated races in San Diego.


8: Give us some insight as to your thoughts after your first workout at Northlake Bootcamp?

The first thing I thought after the first workout was “I CAN DO THIS!” I’ve wanted to try it for so long, and I needed to modify some exercises, but I finished the class and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I knew right away I would be back the next day!


9: Do you have any special or favorite Northlake Bootcamp memories/moments?

I haven’t been here very long, but I actually do have a favorite memory! It was a couple weeks ago when my husband and I were partnered up for a Saturday Bootcamp class. There were plenty of times during the workout when I was outpacing my husband, so I got to poke fun at him for about a week after that. That’s been a fun memory for me so far J


10: What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining Northlake Bootcamp?

Try a free class – just do it! This is by far the best workout and most supportive environment you will find.


11: What is your eating style?

Finding an eating style that I can call a “lifestyle” has been a big challenge for me for a long time. But right now my husband and I are trying a Paleo based program called The Whole30 and it has been awesome. I can definitely see a Paleo based diet becoming my official eating style!


12: What kind of results have you seen since starting at Northlake Bootcamp?

I can tell I am getting stronger, my air squats are getting better and my endurance and cardio are both improving. I don’t know exactly how much weight I’ve lost because the scale has been put away for a while, but my clothes are starting to fit a little better as well!


13: What do you do for a living?

I do freelance photography part-time and occasionally I do some graphic design work. But mostly I am a stay at home.


14: What drives you to be an active family?

For my husband and me, it’s about getting fit so we can age with a little bit of grace! We are both in our 40’s and we don’t want to start feeling old before our time. Plus, we have a young family and we know that it is super important for us to set a good example for our kids – and our extended family for that matter. The more we get into it though, the more we are driven by simply feeling better and really feeling more alive!